Which Programming will be better after school Program

January 24, 2019

Today as the technology is advancing it has become important for the students to prepare themselves for the technical world from an early stage. There isn’t any right age to start learning and understanding the coding. But one must understand that it takes a lot of time to master the art of coding. The first and foremost step is choosing the right language for the first time coders.

The level of difficulty in understanding the coding language varies from individual-to-individual. Some can directly dive into complicated languages like C++ but for some, it is difficult to adjust to the coding world. Nowadays there is a variety of software that helps the kids to take interest in programming. There are Visual Coding tools like- Scratch that is best to get kids excited about coding. Scratch allows the kid to create games, build animated characters, and apps just by dropping the code blocks. These visual tools don’t necessarily teach the syntax but are great for providing a solid foundation of programming principles. These tools are great for the kids between 5 to 8 years, but as they grow old and reach their pre-teens, full programming languages can be taught.

A programming language is a coded language that helps the user to interact with the machines. It is all because of coding that any specific software programs and algorithms are created. There are two basic types of programming language:

  • Compiled Programming Languages
  • Interpreted Programming Languages

It is difficult to understand compiled programming language as it needs to be “compiled” first before it runs whereas the interpreted runs while they are being coded. C++ is compilation language whereas Perl, PHP, and JavaScript are interpreted programming languages that run the World Wide Web.

According to various studies the top three programming languages used by most of the developers are:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Python is counted amongst the most used programming languages in the world. Today most of the developers use this general purpose, object-oriented, high-level programming language to develop complex applications. This language provides ample opportunity for developers to become a part of big MNCs and that too with high salary package.

JavaScript stands in the third position of world’s most used programming language. It is used mainly to power the way websites look and function. Today approximately 90% of web pages use this language. Various companies like Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber and many more make full use of JavaScript.

PHP is the best scripting language that interprets scripts during runtime. Started out as a small open source project, PHP has now become the most used scripting language. Developers use it to create Static, Dynamic websites or Web applications. Today there is a high demand in the market for candidates having a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge about PHP.

Nowadays there are many companies offering training in various courses. Amongst various companies, KVCH is the leading training provider offering training services in more than 400 latest programming languages. Here the candidate can choose the language as well as the medium to learn that language. They can choose to sit at home and learn the best programming language from the expert trainers via online sessions. KVCH provide demo sessions for the students that help them in making the right decision in choosing the best language. Along with theoretical knowledge, KVCH provides practical exposure by allotting the candidates real-time industry projects that help in building their self-confidence. In the end, candidates are awarded with a globally recognized certificate and guaranteed 100% placement assistance.

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