5 Easy Ways to Save Money Using Kiindly

February 28, 2019

Like millions out there, if you love digging out daily shopping deals,cashback deals or shopping coupons over the Internet, you might have come across Kiindly, a cashback app that was recently reviewed by Appmodo, the leading app review online portal.

1. You  Don’t Actually Need to Sign up to Check Deals

Online shopping saves time, efforts and money! While most of you would not deny from the first two things, but when it comes to savings, some of you may have a different opinion. Kiindly is a no data-mining app. Without registering with its website or app, discover deals that are relevant to what you need or things that interest you the most.

If you are on the Kiindly’s website, use the search tool available on the website. I love shopping from Macy’s. Here is the search-result for Macy’s cashback offers or coupon codes. Making a buyer’s decision easy, the brand has listed cashback percentage, discount offer, and validity.

Once you are convinced with the deals, you may submit or email ID or registered with Facebook and collect your coupon code.

2. Intelligent Product Comparison – It’s Your Right!

Online discount shopping deals look great. Are they so? Remember, no retailers sitting out there, investing millions of dollars, are to do a charity. They are there to earn and make a profit. Click on “Cash Back Stores” and browse products by category – Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, and so on. This way you get to see discounts or offers available with all participating merchants. Here are womenswear clothing deals that I found in the Women’s Clothing section. It lists the cashback and the number of coupons available with each merchant.

3. Check App-Only Deals

Kiindly is making a big push to make its app popular. There is nothing unexpected in it in the wake of the mobile-first culture that has become a dominant factor for the success of online retail. To convert visitors into shoppers, the brand often brings out exclusive app-only deals. Downloading the app is the best way to stay in tune with the latest cashback deals or shopping coupons.

4. Make the Most of Seasonal Discounts

The word “seasonal” is not just limited to special discounts on clothing, footwear, or beauty care products that are specific to summer, fall, or winter, instead it extends to include discounts offered on national or social events like President’s Day, Mardi Gras, July Four, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and so on. Whether you want to buy shoes, footwear, gifts, computers, or anything else, check this section and compare the offers available here with those that are available under the general category-wise shopping section discussed in Step 2.

5. Two is Better Than One

Kiindly lists discount stores like Groupon. So, you have the opportunity to combine the discount offers available at both stores and make it bigger than the two individually. Sign up with Kiindly and collect your discount promo code before you browse discounts at Groupon.  Brands often encourage consumers to pay using their wallet. For instance, if you are on Amazon, you may get a special discount or cashback while paying with Amazon Pay. Collect your Amazon promo code from Kiindly, and do the checkout on Amazon using Amazon Pay.

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