Modern Music Boxes Make a Great Gift for Mothers, Women and Girls

April 29, 2019

You would think that music boxes perished along with other quaint playthings in the 19th century. Probably first designed by Swiss watchmakers, music boxes gained rapid popularity for their ability to capture the imaginations of young children and adults alike. The sudden interlude of music on a dreary afternoon invoked a quality of sentiment that was almost magical. As the clockwork of wires and plucks playfully untangled, time itself would seem to slow down.

Clearly this was a time before the invention of personal smartphones and 24 × 7 music. Today, musical jewelry boxes are celebrated as quaint artefacts and decorative pieces for your hallway or dressing table. Old mechanical cylinders and springs have been enhanced by increased notes and USB 2.0 storage. They are now used to broadcast playlists instead of looping nursery chimes.

Improved quality of Sound

You can set to tune Bach or Tchaikovsky as easily as you can Lady Gaga or Ed Sheeran. The quality of sound that you can hear has dramatically improved with time. Smaller spring windings and integrated micro-chips have meant more space for jewellery, personal effects or photographs. You can conveniently carry these boxes in your purse or carry bag.

Exquisite Craftsmanship on Hand-Made Music Boxes

The second thing that makes music boxes great adornments for your desk or living room is the exquisite inlay and engravings carved in modern samples. Today’s musical box is as much a work of art as of symphonic distraction.

Garish designs representing pianos and pets to trains and mountains have been made. These articles bear close resemblance to miniature sculpture. Their detail and finish speak volumes and these works are genuinely worth buying just for the view. A case in point is JustNile’s mountain tunnel imitation with a moving magnetic train placed over painted tracks. Classical dancing ballerinas have been combined with a piano to form an adorable mechanical contraption by household product maker Alytimes.

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Shop now-

Visually appealing Patterns, Vistas and Motifs

Apart from 3-dimensional depth, two dimensional surfaces can also be used to represent beautiful images, motifs, vistas, objects and abstractions.Music Box Attic sells gorgeously handcrafted music boxes with high gloss wood finishing. Boxes open up to plush velvet interiors that give even more to its luxurious veneer.

Adorable Gifts for Mothers, Women and Girls

These pieces make great gifts for girls and women and are ideal compartments to house a lady’s jewellery portfolio. Stylish photo frame musical boxes can be used to keep stationery, keys, cards or coins by men. Keep pictures of your loved ones or a longing memory close to you.

Musical figurines depicting adorable thread bears, eggs and miniatures of people are a great hit with children and women. Lose yourself in the visual intricacies hand-painted on these musical storage compartments. These symphonic items make for a superb ornamental piece on your mantelpiece and shelf. Photo frame cases would also make a very meaningful Mother’s Day gift from both daughters and sons.

Put in a candid photo of your mother on her favourite holiday destination or ask her to pose against her home and you’re sure to win tremendous brownie points. Music boxes can be reliably bought online at remarkably discount prices on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. Look for coupons and cash back offers to get the perfect musical gift for Mother’s Day. Get shopping now!

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