How to Decorate Your Birthday Cake with Edible Frosting Sheets

April 30, 2019

Decorating cakes with edible sheets is a fun experience like nothing else. After all, what else can be more exciting than decorating a birthday cake for your friend or family with the picture of their favorite cartoon characters, or themselves, or something that they really love, like their favorite gaming console or bike?

Edible frosting sheets, also known as icing sheets, are one of the best edible sheets to experiment with; they produce clear images, are flexible and can be easily cut into various shapes and sizes.

Icinginks offers premium quality edible frosting sheets that you can buy HERE.

You have got all the equipment to decorate your cake with edible frosting sheets. Now remains the procedure. Here is how you can prepare the icing sheets for cake decoration –

First and foremost, it is important to store the frosting sheets appropriately. The Icinginks frosting papers are easy to store and doesn’t stick to each other. Just keep them at a cool and dry place instead of storing in the refrigerator.

The Icinginks frosting sheets come with backing papers to protect the sheets from any smudges. Remove the backing paper only when you intend to use the frosting sheet immediately otherwise it might deform or get dirty in the absence of the backing paper.

It is very important to always keep the frosting sheets inside the sealed packet in which it comes. After every use, you should carefully seal the packet to avoid any air inside that might ruin your frosting sheets.

Before beginning with the design work, make sure to plan your design on a paper like what kind of elements you want to add (flowers, cartoons, photographs etc.). This way it will be easier to use the frosting sheets accordingly and will also avoid any unnecessary wastage of it.

Next, before you start working on the cake, frost it for some time. It helps with applying the frosting sheet as frosting makes the surface of the cake even. Alternatively, you can also use gel icing to glue the sheets on the cake.

Once your cake, frosting sheets, and designs are ready, it won’t take much effort to design your cake from hereon. You can create borders, cut out shapes, or make cupcake toppers out of the frosting sheets in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Since the print quality is quite vivid and vibrant on the frosting sheet, the cut-out designs would be colorful and visually appealing.

Once the decoration is done, you can put your edible image cake in the refrigerator. Just remember to put it in the room temperature for few minutes before serving to the guests. It will avoid any wilting or rippling of the edible image.

Icinginks also offers several custom edible printing services. All you need to do is to send the picture that you want to be converted into edible image and we will send the custom frosted sheets with your chosen picture on it.

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