The future of online business aided by Analytics

September 23, 2019

The business scene in the world has undergone major transformation with the introduction of websites and mobile applications. The long-established conventional and traditional methods of advertising businesses, products or services, have given way to digital marketing, and the changing lifestyles and preferences of people, increased usage of the internet, etc are further contributing to this format of advertising.

More and more business websites are being created each day with competing standards. In this scenario, one needs to not only build a competent website for their business but also keep improving it as per market standards, demands, consumer feedback, and preferences.

But how does one understand the preferences of every customer that visits their website? While offline audience measurement techniques are not very efficient in helping businesses in this aspect, Web analytics can be of great help.

Web Analytics is the ability to analyze the behavior of visitors to a website.

Web Analytics tools aid in gaining insights into the customers’online behavior patterns and getting an understanding of their preferences, and to know what makes them visit or bounce off a web page.

They can be used in the following ways:

Reasons for visiting a site may vary from visitor to visitor, and their online behaviors can be used to understand what they are looking for and how keen each of them is to get it.

-Each individual’s data needs to be collected, measured and analyzed. This information can be used by business or website owners to optimize their Website and increase its efficiency and revenue-generating capacity.

-Analytics can be implemented to detect what percentage of visitors are using mobile phones and tablets, what percent are using desktops, and so on. -Using this information and numbers, you can perform a device breakdown, and then prioritize on whichever is most used.

Eg – If it is found that more visitors are using mobile phones, you can primarily focus on making the website even more mobile-friendly.

-Web Analytics tool also helps the website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by providing information about the visitors’demographics and preferences.

The locations of the majority of the site visitors can be detected and if necessary, translations to the local languages of those places can be added in the site, to make it more targeted to them because clearly there is more interest for the content or service for people from these locations.

-So if language barriers are broken, it will become more visitor-friendly in such regions and the site’s visibility can be increased.

Analytics can also be used to track the visitors and find different backlinks to the website. This information can be useful to the SEO, to make the website’s search engine visibility better.

-Web analytics, for these reasons, is rapidly becoming a major tool aiding businesses to enhance the quality of their Website content, which in turn enhances the value of their business.

-Also, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., Web analytics is soon expected to become a major tool targeting specific marketing efforts. So, it can be deduced that Analytics has an important role in the future of online marketing.

-Many CMS (Content Management System)s these days come with an integrated Web Analytics tool. With advancements in the technological front over time, web analytics has been able to evolve into a more enhanced tool, that can be easily integrated with many other software’s.

-This integrated web analytics tool assists in analyzing the site visitors’preferences and behaviors, giving you a clear indication as to which areas of the site are attracting maximum attention and which are attracting minimum attention from them.

Based on such continuous feedback, improvements can be made as deemed necessary on the Website content and design, to generate better revenue and demand.

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